Irish Officials Come to Atlanta to Discuss Investment Opportunities

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Following up on Irish Prime Minister Endy Kenny’s visit to Atlanta in 2015, members of the Wexford County Council met recently with Invest Atlanta officials to explore opportunities for Irish business investments in Atlanta and Atlanta business investments in Wexford and the rest of Ireland.

Wexford, a cornerstone of Ireland’s ancient Eastern culture, boasts a high quality of life, a thriving arts and culture scene that includes the world-famous Wexford Festival Opera, vibrant agricultural and fishing industries and the presence of 20 multinational companies that employ 3,000 people. A few of the companies that you may recognize includes PWC, Equifax and a Coca-Cola research facility.

In Wexford, the County Council employs an impressive 1,000 workers in the county town, which is roughly 5 percent of the residents. This outstanding group delivers 190 different types of services, including economic development. In that regard, the County focuses primarily on developing infrastructure, helping startup and existing businesses, securing investments and promoting tourism. And based on current projections, Wexford will invest nearly a half billion dollars in road infrastructure by 2018.