Millennials Want to Own Homes, Work for Themselves

Thursday, May 19, 2016

If the feedback from FLASH FOCUS, a focus group event, hosted by Invest Atlanta last month is any indication, millennials in Atlanta would rather own than rent their home, live in single-family homes instead of condominiums, and run their own businesses instead of work for employers.

That was the consensus among 18-to-33-year-old Atlantans who are living, working or attending school in Atlanta and who participated in the event. Invest Atlanta held the gathering to gain insight from millennials that may help guide economic and community development policy as well as lead Invest Atlanta to work with particular developers and create targeted homeownership and small business incentive programs.

It was a surprise that the millennials at FLASH FOCUS expressed a preference for homeownership over renting and a desire to be business owners. “Those findings, if representative of most Atlanta millennials, may change Atlanta’s economic, community and social climate drastically,” asserted Michele Lewis, Mortgage Loan Specialist with Invest Atlanta, who convened the millennials focus group.