Invest Atlanta Expands with Sixteen New Faces

Thursday, June 16, 2016

If you haven’t visited Invest Atlanta recently, you may think that you’ve arrived on the wrong floor because you’re surrounded by sixteen new faces. In just two months, Invest Atlanta has welcomed eight new interns and temporary employees, two coordinators, three managers, two vice presidents and a remarkable CFO, Pricilla Carter. With this influx, the office is surging with new energy and new ideas, like never before.

Carter comes to the team with over 14 years of progressive corporate experience in finance, with the last eight being a stint at insurer and reinsurer Lloyds of London.  She was born in Korea and is a life-long world traveler as part of a military family. She settled in Atlanta about 12 years ago and now calls Atlanta home.

Matt Fogt and Christie Barnes are the newest vice presidents for Invest Atlanta. Fogt will lead the Marketing and Communications team and brings more than 16 years of experience spanning from several senior corporate and PR agency positions with Atlanta companies such as Applied Systems, Edelman and MSL Group.

Barnes takes the lead over the newly created Compliance Department in the Legal division. She joins this very talented team after an extensive leadership role as the Chief Staff Attorney for Clayton County. This position is in addition to her experience in private practice and as an Assistant City Attorney in the City of Atlanta Law Department.

In addition to these leadership roles, Invest Atlanta has added managerial staff to focus on community engagement and entrepreneurship and innovation. These new roles are essential to the company’s goal of building a closer relationship with more people and businesses in Atlanta.

On the support side, Invest Atlanta has added a manager to focus on business processes to make the company much more efficient and has added financial personnel to assist with the many projects the company currently oversees and the exciting projects in the pipeline.