NAVMAR Uses Eastside TAD Grant To Improve Edgewood Avenue Property

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A $111,625 downtown façade improvement grant awarded by Invest Atlanta from the Eastside Tax Allocation District to NAVMAR, LLC has been used to help refurbish the exterior of 381 Edgewood Avenue. Work on the project, formerly known as 393 Edgewood Avenue, began last January and was completed in June of this year. The site will soon host a new bicycle-oriented business.

Before undergoing a full renovation, including new electrical and plumbing infrastructure, the one-story building had been just a shell. But now, the property has new windows, doors, and paint, and a second-story rooftop patio. And, the adjacent vacant lot has been transformed into a fully paved and landscaped side patio.

Total project cost was $421,000, of which $305,000 – including the Invest Atlanta grant – paid for the all of the exterior façade renovations.