Dr. Eloisa Klementich is Honorary Chair of Hands on Atlanta Day

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

As Honorary Chair of Hands On Atlanta Day, on October 1, Dr. Eloisa Klementich, President and CEO of Invest Atlanta, welcomed volunteers working on service projects throughout the city. She accompanied HOA President Jay Cranman from site to site in that regard.

“Hands On Atlanta Day is more than just a collection of individual projects,” Dr. Klementich declared. “It’s a celebration of the power of people working together to enrich our communities through service.”

Hands On Atlanta Day drew about 2,000 volunteers to work on 50 projects that involved planting trees, and bringing learning spaces to children, meals and enrichment experiences to elderly people, and 15,500 pounds of food and medical supplies to those in need.

Some of the venues where volunteers worked were:

  • Georgia Favor House, a youth development center, where volunteers did painting, cleaning and gardening work;
  • Jerusalem House, the city’s largest provider of permanent housing for poor and homeless individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDs, where volunteers also painted and landscaped and prepared and served meals to residents;
  • Lifecycle Building Center, a community-based warehouse devoted to reducing solid-waste disposal and promoting resource efficiency, where volunteers did cleaning, organizing, painting and floor nail removal work;
  • MedShare International, a nonprofit organization that recovers and redistributes surplus medical supplies to those in need, where volunteers sorted and packaged medical supplies for shipment; and
  • Sadie G. Mays Health & Rehab Center, a skilled nursing facility, where volunteers organized and cleaned storage areas, painted outdoor areas, and played games with residents.

Invest Atlanta furnished its own team of volunteers for the event who worked at REDEEM, a community garden in the West End.

“Invest Atlanta and our employees, Team IA, are proud to have joined so many volunteers across Atlanta on Hands On Atlanta Day,” added Klementich.