Coda Tower Breaks Ground in Tech Square

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Construction has officially begun on the 25-story Coda tower between Spring and West Peachtree Streets in Midtown. Once operational, the high performance computing center within Coda will strengthen Atlanta’s position as a global technology hub, foster new collaboration between those in private industry and academic research, and attract new talent to the area.

The center will serve those looking to use advanced computer modeling and simulation capabilities to enhance their work, from Georgia Tech researchers to financial modelers to biotech startups.

“This year, we have seen four Fortune 500 companies locate or expand significant IT centers in Atlanta, bringing nearly 5,000 new jobs to the city,” said Mayor Reed. “Coda’s advanced technology resources will be an invaluable asset for attracting the world’s top tech professionals and keeping more of our talented students in Atlanta after graduation. I am eager to see the world-changing innovations that will come out of this first-class facility.”

Beyond strengthening Atlanta’s reputation as a tech hub, the computing center offers other benefits. With access to a sophisticated modeling and simulation resource, Atlanta’s students, faculty, and tech entrepreneurs will be better equipped to conduct research and commercialize new applications. The computing center will also further elevate Georgia Tech’s reputation as one of the world’s top engineering and research institutes.

In August, the Invest Atlanta board approved the issuance of up to $440 million in bonds to support the creation of the 90,000 square-foot data center. The overall mixed-use Coda project, currently scheduled to open in late 2018, will create an estimated 2,400 new jobs and will produce an estimated total economic impact of $813.8 million over the next two decades.

Portman Holdings’ design for Coda incorporates the historic Crum & Foster building, an early 20th-century office building. Georgia Tech will be the anchor tenant, with corporations and research partners occupying the rest of the office and retail space.