Executive Corner: Portman CEO Ambrish Baisiwala on Coda’s Impact

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Portman CEO Ambrish Baisiwala recently visited Invest Atlanta’s Executive Corner to discuss how his company’s Coda project will strengthen Atlanta’s position as a global technology hub, foster new collaboration between those in private industry and academic research, and attract new talent to the city.

“[Coda] will establish Atlanta as the place for collaborative research,” he said.

Baisiwala also spoke about how city and university partners came together to move this project forward.

“Without the help that we had from the City of Atlanta, Invest Atlanta, and Georgia Tech,” he said. “This project would not have happened.”

Construction on the 25-story Coda Tower in Midtown began in December 2016. With access to Coda’s powerful tools and resources, Atlanta’s students, faculty, and tech entrepreneurs will be better equipped to conduct research and commercialize new applications. The computing center contained within Coda will also further elevate Georgia Tech’s reputation as one of the world’s top engineering and research institutes.

The Invest Atlanta board approved the issuance of up to $440 million in bonds to support the creation of the 90,000-square-foot data center. The overall mixed-use Coda project, scheduled to open in late 2018, will create approximately 2,400 new jobs and produce an estimated economic impact of $813.8 million over the next two decades.