Startups Pitch at Second Annual ATL Aviation Innovation Demo Day

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Six startups from Atlanta, the United Kingdom, and France presented their innovations at the second annual ATL Aviation Innovation Demo Day. Held on October 13, 2017 at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the event featured startups delivering 7-minute pitches to representatives from the airport and several airlines.

Invest Atlanta, the Mayor’s Office of International Affairs, and the airport’s ATL Business Ventures division organized the event.

“If you fail to innovate, you can lose market share and lose the hearts and minds of your customers,” said Doug Strachan, Innovation & Strategic Business Development Manager for the Innovation Unit at ATL Business Ventures. “Even as an airport, we can lose control over our own destiny, so innovation is vitally important.”

Several of the presenting startups are based in Atlanta’s sister cities of Newcastle, UK and Toulouse, France, and are participating in Atlanta’s International Startup Exchange Program. DroneOps and ReciteMe are from Newcastle, and NanoMade is from Toulouse. All the other startups are all based in Atlanta.

“We are working with startups in Atlanta interested in growing and expanding into new markets to help them explore opportunities,” said Noelle London, Invest Atlanta’s Manager of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  “And we’re also excited to bring some of innovation and technology coming out of our sister cities in front of you today because we want that innovation to thrive in the City of Atlanta.”

All the presenting teams went through an extensive vetting process before arriving at the Demo Day. Several Atlanta-based startup incubators helped assemble nominees, and airport and airline representatives chose these pitch finalists:

  • DropOps: Offers commercial drone construction, training, and technical support.
  • NanoMade: Brings multi-point force sending on any material with their patented technology.
  • Volantio: Delivers marketing optimization in dynamic pricing environments.
  • Cognosos: An IoT-as-a-service platform offering fully managed, end-to-end wireless sensing solutions for inventory tracking.
  • ReciteMe: A cloud-based web accessibility solution providing access to online and mobile content.
  • TrustStamp: Provides enterprises and consumers with identify and trust as a service through cutting-edge biometric solutions.
  • EvidentID: Offers a secure solution for business and individuals to share verified personal information.