Dr. Eloisa Klementich, CEcD

CEO Message

April 2017: A Place for All Atlantans

Becoming the most competitive city in the world requires a deliberate focus on making Atlanta a place anyone can call “home.” As the City of Atlanta’s economic development agency, it’s our role to support people in this important decision, whether it’s buying a home, renting or leasing. And we do. We provide down payment assistance, and 25 families have taken advantage of the program just this year. We have also established a lease-to-homeownership program through Trio, a good tool for those who want to take advantage of current home prices and interest rates but need a bit more time to qualify for a mortgage.

But we, Invest Atlanta, want to do more. An area where we are specially focused on is ensuring Atlanta is affordable to all. Hence, the critical importance of our affordable housing efforts. Our goal is to support 10,000 additional affordable units by 2020. And we are confident we can reach this goal with the support from the $40 million Housing Opportunity Bond, $6.5 million Westside TAD supporting resident retention, and $11.4 million Beltline Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Together, this $57.9 million investment is the first of its kind in many years for the city.

We are honored to carry forth this mission to further solidify the city as a place for all Atlantans.

Dr. Eloisa Klementich, CEcD